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i like art. that is all.

Monthly Archives: January 2012


my favourite photos that i took in 2011 are from the same shoot.  

for homework we had to pic tree photos taken at new years.

this is one of my favourites because it is very romantic. and I’m a total sap for romance. i also really like that there is a large clock behind them.

firework celebration in Romania.

this is a couple about to kiss. during new years as fireworks exploded over there head. in romania.

the clock because its focused on. and the women’s head because it is in the rule of thirds.


this is one of my favourite picutes of the new years because. its almost looks magical. like you have the fireworks exploding and then you have the castle kinda hidden.

its the new years celebration in Russia.

you have the giant clock showing that it is 12 o’clock. you have bright fireworks exploding behind it. you have the castle on the left hiding and you have the tree in front of it and farther to the left. and then you have a lot of people at the bottom of this picture having a party.

the clock and castle are in the rule of thirds so your eyes are drawn to them.


this is one of my favourites because of all the colour. and how bright everything is.

new years celebration in south africa.

its a picture of a buch of women dressed in bright clothing. there is one women in the middle of the picture wearing a red outfit and smiling. she has white makeup on her face.

contrast. all the people around the women in the middle are wearing green and the women in the middle is wearing red.